Your LED Questions Answered! (Part 3)New


Ask an Electrical Engineer is a series where frequently asked questions from non-engineers will be answered by an engineer. For this video, our main topic is all about LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes).

What's covered in this video:

00:23 Why do LEDs need a resistor?

01:42 Can LEDs be wired in series?

03:03 What's the difference between an OLED and LED TV?

03:17 Are LEDs environmentally friendly?

05:17 Can LEDs overheat, overheat, or catch fire?

07:22 Can LEDs power solar panels?

09:18 How can LEDs be protected in a circuit?

10:13 How can LEDs be dimmed?

12:22 What are you hoping that LEDs can do in 5 years?

13:30 What are the coolest uses you've seen for LEDs?


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