A Spider Robot?? - mePed - Maker Faire 2018


We spent some time chatting with Scott Pierce from Spierce Technologies and he showed us his open-source mePed. After selling kits of the open-source meArm project online, Scott decided to create his own robot and came up with the mePed - a slightly creepy and thoroughly fun quadruped robot! This Arduino-based robot is open-source so you can either buy it from Scott or build it yourself from scratch, and either way, you can modify it to your heart’s delight.

We talked about it after the interview, unfortunately, but the software development was a great story. Scott built the software for the movement and posted it online where it was updated by a gentleman in Russia who decided to sell the mePed there. After this, Scott further refined the code to give its extremely smooth gait. It’s a great example of the benefit of open-source where they worked together and made an even better, smoother walking mePed, benefitting both of them. Check out Scott’s projects at https://www.spiercetech.com/shop/.

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