Build A Low-Cost, Custom SoC In Just Weeks - Maker Faire


We chatted with Ming Zhang, co-founder and CEO of zGlue, a company that is going to revolutionize access to smaller systems in a way that is much cheaper and faster than traditional SoCs while much smaller than discrete components on PCBs. Using what he refers to as a 2.5D chip stacking technology and a proprietary integration technology, you can fit processors, sensors, PMICs, communication devices, as well as passives so you can design an entire system on a chip in days, and then have it manufactured in weeks. With the reduced costs, now small businesses and makers can create small, low-power products that used to only be possible for companies with millions at their disposal.

We’ve been discussing doing a hardware project at CircuitBread/SwellFox that would benefit from this, so we’re planning on picking up a dev kit ourselves to see if this will be a good solution for us. If you want to learn more, go check out their site at and they’re also allowing preorders of the zOrigin until the end of June 2018 here -

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