Collaborative Circuit Design & Simulation


Flux is a solution that is collaborative, allows reuse and sharing of components, and features a programmable simulator that allows you to quickly build interactive mockups of real-world parts and scenarios.

Our implementation takes a different approach to most editors. Flux is fast, streamlined, and can run in any modern web browser — a.k.a. we think it’s not just appealing to engineers, but all the other stakeholders of a project. It supports real-time collaboration and a component ecosystem, like GitHub. And with Flux, instead of sending diagrams to a server to run a SPICE simulator and waiting for the results, you can run simulations right in your web browser. Plus, the simulator we built is programmable, so it can easily be extended and customized to your needs.

All collaborators can easily and instantly access the latest designs. No need to install complicated software or go through weeklong license procurement processes.

We made it our mission to provide a streamlined, collaborative experience. We take user-created schematics and display them in the same way to all viewers (no format conversion required) while preserving all simulator interactivity and design metadata. This means anyone can interact with, edit, or view a design whenever and wherever they like. You’ll have one link that always shows the source of truth. No more need for emailing or printing drafts.

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