CircuitBread Announces Octopart As An Official Friend Of CircuitBread

Published April 26, 2023

CircuitBread proudly announces its partnership with Octopart as an official Friend of CircuitBread. Octopart, an Altium company, enables engineers to bring ideas to life quickly and efficiently, making them an ideal partner for CircuitBread and their goal to help empower current and aspiring engineers.

Octopart offers multiple tools that make the component purchasing process easy and efficient and can significantly benefit the CircuitBread user base. Octopart's free search engine allows users to compare millions of components using its extensive parts library and quickly make informed decisions about component selection. Once a part is settled on, users can compare the most accurate pricing and availability data provided by hundreds of authorized distributors and manufacturers. This makes sourcing components a considerably easier process whether it’s for five parts or for five thousand. In addition to sourcing these parts, Octopart has an extremely large library of information about each part, simplifying the research portion of purchasing. This library integrates with their easy-to-use BOM Tool that allows users to save and adjust their Bill of Materials.

For those that are more deeply involved with purchasing, Octopart has developed the Nexar API to bring Octopart's valuable part data into your design tools. Enabling users to source parts while they design and stay abreast of industry trends and data patterns in the component manufacturing industry. Octopart is focused on helping CircuitBread users forecast their component needs and share their design data in a secure and efficient manner.

Octopart’s focus on accurate part data and democratizing information is perfectly in line with CircuitBread’s goal to help people in the electronics industry learn and grow. We are excited to work together and to introduce Octopart’s powerful tools and data to the CircuitBread audience to introduce Octopart’s powerful tools and data.

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