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Why Are LED's Better? (Comparing different types of light bulbs)New

LEDs are better than other light sources in most applications. While they are more efficient, there are a lot more ...

How does a diode work? (Part 1 - The PN Junction)

In our previous tutorials, we’ve discussed the basics of semiconductors, band gap, current carriers, and its ...

Voltage Divider

Before we can get too deep into voltage dividers, it is essential to have a good understanding of what happens with ...

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Suspected Notre Dame Fire Cause - Short CircuitsNew

After seeing the shocking footage of the fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, people were quick to jump to ...

Robotics and the Future of Automation

We spoke with Keith Kersten from Omron's Automation division, discussing the different robots that Omron has as well ...

Crazy high-end soldering and reworking stations

We spoke with Yago from JBC about their soldering and reworking stations at MD&M 2019 and found that we had a ...


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About CircuitBread

Electronics, electrical engineering, and embedded systems can be daunting for beginners, students, and even seasoned experts. At CircuitBread, we aim to provide an organized and ever-growing variety of tools, calculators, equations, and tutorials to make the technical world a little easier.

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