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Your LED Questions Answered! (Part 1)New

Ask an Electrical Engineer is a series where frequently asked questions from non-engineers will be answered by an ...

Selecting a resistor for an LED - 6 easy stepsNew

Why do we need a resistor for an LED? Once you pass the forward voltage, a slight increase in voltage makes a huge ...

Why Are LED's Better? (Comparing different types of light bulbs)

LEDs are better than other light sources in most applications. While they are more efficient, there are a lot more ...

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Donkey Car - A Self Driving Mini Car | Makerfaire 2019New

At the Maker Faire Bay Area 2019, we spoke with Ed Murphy, a donkey car racer and a self driving car enthusiast. He ...

Maker Faire Bay Area - 2019 HighlightsNew

Maker Faire is an awesome experience where the energy is palpable and the creativity is overflowing. It's ...

Playing guitar with a Tesla coil is awesome!New

Lucas Polo with Gamechanger Audio showed us their innovative guitar effects including the Plasma Pedal which sends ...


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About CircuitBread

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