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    Why can't I share a resistor on the common anode or cathode of my RGB LED?New

    In our discussion about how an RGB LED works, we’ve mentioned that an RGB LED is basically an LED package with three ...


    The History of LEDsNew

    While LEDs may be everywhere now, that obviously wasn't always the case. So how did we go from no LEDs to LEDs in ...


    What's inside an LED bulb?New

    We took apart two LED lightbulbs, a CREE LED bulb from 2014 and a Philips bulb from 2018, and compared their build ...

    The Fun Stuff

    We Know Engineers

    We Know Engineers - Recycling

    As engineers we have our...quirks. In this comedy series of shorts we show what it's like being stuck in the head of ...

    We Know Engineers - Alexa Microwave

    Amazon Alexa Microwave or the impending singularity of man and machine?

    From our We Know Engineers series – ...


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    About CircuitBread

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