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Faires & Shows

Donkey Car - A Self Driving Mini Car | Makerfaire 2019

At the Maker Faire Bay Area 2019, we spoke with Ed Murphy, a donkey car racer and a self driving car enthusiast. He ...

Playing guitar with a Tesla coil is awesome!

Lucas Polo with Gamechanger Audio showed us their innovative guitar effects including the Plasma Pedal which sends ...

Crazy high-end soldering and reworking stations

We spoke with Yago from JBC about their soldering and reworking stations at MD&M 2019 and found that we had a ...

We Know Engineers

We Know Engineers - Recycling

As engineers we have our...quirks. In this comedy series of shorts we show what it's like being stuck in the head of ...

We Know Engineers - Alexa Microwave

Amazon Alexa Microwave or the impending singularity of man and machine?

From our We Know Engineers series – We ...

We Know Engineers - Fashion

We love engineers of all kinds but that doesn't stop us from recognizing the ... quirks that engineers sometimes ...

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