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Series RLC Circuit

Parallel RLC Circuit

About RLC Calculator

When you have a resistor, inductor, and capacitor in the same circuit, the way that circuit reacts at different frequencies can change dramatically. At low frequencies, the capacitor acts as an open and the inductor acts as a short. At high frequency, this flips with the capacitor acting as a short and the inductor as an open. That’s easy. But it gets weird when trying to figure out at what point one dominates the other. Using this calculator, you can find the resonant frequency, which means that you can disregard the reactive impedance (reactance) and only pay attention to the resistive impedance (resistance). What this means to you is that at the resonant frequency, depending on whether the circuit is in parallel or series, the impedance is the highest or the lowest, respectively.

In summary:

Resonant frequency for parallel circuit - frequency at which the impedance of the circuit is highest.

Resonant frequency for series circuit - frequency at which the impedance of the circuit is lowest.

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