SwellFox, Inc. Launches Educational Engineering Platform CircuitBread.com

Published January 16, 2023

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BOISE, Idaho, January 12, 2023--(BUSINESS WIRE)--SwellFox, Inc. announced today that its educational engineering platform CircuitBread.com has officially launched. CircuitBread aims to make electronics, embedded systems, and electrical engineering easily accessible to anyone—from the general interest hobbyist or student to the seasoned expert. Based in Boise, Idaho, with team members spread around the globe, CircuitBread delivers on its mission through the creation and publication of free electrical engineering resources ranging from content to tools.

The news comes after the initial planned content production period that started when SwellFox leadership first conceived of the project. They began generating content, working to establish the best possible online atmosphere for learning—all while receiving positive feedback as the platform’s audience grew.

"At SwellFox, we share a passion for education. We ultimately uncovered a common desire to create a free, easy-to-use engineering platform for students and engineers of all levels. We wanted CircuitBread to be among the highest quality singular sources for people to become familiar with electronics," said Joshua Bishop, CEO and Lead Engineer at SwellFox. "We bootstrapped the entire operation, drawing on our experience developing creative and marketing solutions for technology companies. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished but we’re just getting started. We continue to learn from user feedback and improve what we publish to increase the content’s usability."

SwellFox Co-Founder and Lead Designer Laren Dubkowski added, "From the beginning we wanted to look beyond traditional media and focus on delivering the best experience for our users by utilizing the latest technologies for streaming video, social media, instant messaging, and mobile friendly web browsing."

Since its soft launch, CircuitBread has amassed a strong following through organic growth. The audience represents a mix of site visitors from North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceana. The platform boasts a 50 percent year-over-year rise in site traffic, with its social media presence also expanding rapidly. In fact, CircuitBread’s YouTube subscriber base has grown to reach over 60K today—eclipsing YouTube channels hosted by similar, more mature educational engineering sites.

Bishop and Dubkowski attribute CircuitBread’s success to the age-old belief in quality over quantity.

"Users come to CircuitBread to learn the basics about microcontrollers, op-amps, and resistors. They also come to use the tools and reference materials that they need regularly in their careers. Regardless of the skill level, however, we strive to ensure all tools and content are accurate and useful," continued Bishop.

The platform’s primary resources include:

  • Tutorials
  • Tools
  • Textbooks
  • Study Guides
  • Equations
  • FAQs

Notably, CircuitBread’s open-source electrical engineering textbook library currently stands as one of the most extensive online. The books are accessed through an online eBook reader with lightning-fast responsiveness, search capabilities, bookmarking, and highlighting.

Introducing the Friends of CircuitBread

Rather than offering traditional advertising elements such as banners, boomboxes, and leaderboards that can detract from the content consumption experience, the Friends of CircuitBread program was established. This program recognizes companies and organizations that provide real value to CircuitBread users. Friends are featured on a dedicated landing page (circuitbread.com/friends) and are highlighted on content page sidebars and social media. The relationship is reciprocal in that CircuitBread shares a Friend’s applicable tools and benefits with its users while the Friend cross-promotes CircuitBread and its cause. With the belief that creating real value is the most important thing in the modern media landscape, CircuitBread’s ever-growing platform also creates an opportunity for Friends to co-create content that is truly meaningful for the CircuitBread audience and the electronics industry as a whole.

Thanking them for their continued support, CircuitBread acknowledges its Friends: APEM, CUI Devices, ebm-papst, Neutrik, Octopart, Ohmite, Omron EC, OnlineComponents.com, Orion Fans, PUI Audio, Recom, and Triad Magnetics.

About CircuitBread

A SwellFox project, CircuitBread (circuitbread.com) helps people easily learn about and use electronics via an ever-growing array of tutorials, tools, study guides, equations, and textbooks. Watch this short video for a snapshot of the different types of CircuitBread content and also follow us on these social media platforms:

About SwellFox, Inc.

SwellFox, Inc. (swellfox.com) specializes in the development and execution of B2B creative and marketing solutions for technology organizations. Focusing on four areas—Video, Engineering, Design, and Development—our team is composed of engineers, developers, designers, videographers, 3D artists, writers, and other experts capable of giving life to ideas. In all we do, our core values shape our decision-making and actions: create good; maintain the freedom to learn and grow; rise together; and strive for quality.

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