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Walabot RF Detector - Bay Area Maker Faire 2018


Noam Hoze from Walabot shows us the versatility of their completely unique RF sensor. This amazing piece of technology can literally see through walls and detect motion which lends itself to a variety of different applications.

As an added bonus, Massimo Banzi, co-creator of the Arduino, sat down and did a couple of demos with us! 

Here's the transcript of our interview with Noam:

Noam Hoze:  So basically, Walabot is a 3D imaging sensor that constructs a 3D image of the environment. The way it works is, it has an array of antenna that sends out electromagnetic waves into the environment. Some of these electromagnetic waves are reflected back to the antennas. And that way we can actually construct a 3D image of the environment.

So you have a development board with you and you have a finished product that you're selling as well?

Noam Hoze:
 Basically we have a product here we are featuring, which is called Walabot Creator. So here's the thing, this is essentially the only programmable 3D imaging sensor that works with RF today in the market. So you can actually connect it to your Raspberry Pi or to your PC, it works on Linux or on Windows. And you can program whatever you want. So you can utilize its tracking capabilities, we can show you a demo afterwards. You have a breathing monitoring demo, where it's actually facing your chest. And that way you can understand breathing patterns. We have a guy that did a demo of learning the breathing patterns of someone in order to have it incorporated with a security system, like facial recognition with breathing pattern as well. And that was really cool.

 Yeah, that's really great. Your booth is great because it shows off a lot of different applications with this product. What is your favorite application that you've seen come through?

Noam Hoze:
So for me, I would say that all of these applications are like POC - proof of concept. And for me, the demo with a Walabreath, that you can just literally stand in front of a device that looks like you have no idea what it's doing. And then when you stop breathing, you get bio-feedback. You actually see the light go red. I think that a lot of people really liked it, and I'm really proud of it. So it really went well. A part of it, I think, all of it is really good because we managed to create a musical device we call Walabeat, where you just air drum and you have like a kick and snare and a highlight. And it's so amazing. We have the cookie guard that people actually just get cookies and get the Cookie Monster to alert them. We have the Walabot DIY, we have a rodent catcher, and I'm just really, really proud.

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