Your LED Questions Answered! (Part 1)


Ask an Electrical Engineer is a series where frequently asked questions from non-engineers will be answered by an engineer. For this video, our main topic is all about LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes).

What's covered in this video:

00:24 How do LEDs (light emitting diodes) work ... and what's a diode?

02:05 Why are LEDs better?

02:58 When did LEDs become popular?

04:14 How much more efficient are LEDs than other options?

05:12 Why do LEDs last so long?

06:47 Are LEDs AC or DC?

08:20 What are LEDs made from?

09:36 Are LEDs polarized?

10:41 Will 24v LEDs work on 12v?

12:14 How do LEDs change color?

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