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Since 2000, Digilent (an NI company) has created hardware and software to allow engineers, researchers, and scientists flexibility to design rapidly and test the world around them. Our customizable solutions will accelerate development time for even the most experienced professionals, while maintaining low barrier to entry for advancing engineers.

From our competitive pricing to the portability of our products and comprehensive documentation, we value delivering accessibility and lowering barriers to progress for our customers.

Digilent is featured in: March 2024 Newsletter

Perks for CircuitBread Users

  • Partner Store With Academic Discount Pricing

    Products in the Digilent store from partners like Xilinx, ADI, TI, Micron, Linear Technologies, and National Instruments have special discounted pricing for qualified academic customers.

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1300 NE Henley Court

Pullman, WA 99163

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