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    BOM Tool

    Quickly compare millions of parts to save time & find what you need.


    The Nexar API will give you access to all of the data available from the Octopart API in addition to design and manufacturing data.

    Electronic Design to Delivery Index (EDDI)

    EDDI provides both a high-level view of macroeconomic conditions across the entire electronics manufacturing landscape.

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    Free Industry Lead Time Monitor

    Sager Electronics regularly monitors lead times in weeks and days by Interconnect, Electromechanical, Power & Thermal, and Passive products based on data provided by the ECIA.

  • CUI Devices Logo

    Tools and Calculators

    Calculators for: Air flow conversion, buzzer SPL, heat sink, speaker power, & thermal conversion.

  • Ohmite Logo

    Ohm's Law Calculator

    Let our quick and easy Ohm's Law Calculator crunch the numbers for you!

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    Isolation Calculator for AC and DC

    Online isolation calculator can be used to compare isolation voltage ratings between DC and AC for durations of 1 second, 1 minute and continuously applied voltages.

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