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C - Fundamental Constants

Atomic mass unitu

Avogadro’s numberNA
Bohr magneton
Bohr radius
Boltzmann’s constant
Compton wavelength
Coulomb constant
Deuteron mass

Electron mass

Electron volt
Elementary chargee
Gas constantR
Gravitational constantG
Neutron mass

Nuclear magneton
Permeability of free space

Permittivity of free space

Planck’s constanth

Proton mass

Rydberg constant
Speed of light in vacuumc


Table C1 Fundamental Constants

Note: These constants are the values recommended in 2006 by CODATA, based on a least-squares adjustment of data from different measurements. The numbers in parentheses for the values represent the uncertainties of the last two digits.

Useful combinations of constants for calculations

Candela Citations

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