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Electronics related equations and more.

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Electronics Reference


Magnetic Field


μo - Permeability of free space = 4π X 10-7 (T-m/A)
- Velocity of the charge Q in m/s
ϴ - Angle between the direction of v and the point P

 > Magnetic Field


Magnetic Force Due to an Electric Charge

Magnetic Force Due to an Electric Charge

q - Charge
v - Direction of q
- Magnetic Field in the perpendicular plane

 > Magnetic Force Due to an Electric Charge


Permeability of Materials


The ratio of the magnetic field (B) to the magnitizing force (H)

 > Permeability of Materials


Relative Permeability


μo - Permeability of vacuum or air = 4π X 10-7 (H/m)

 > Relative Permeability


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